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The members of the Community Living Society leadership team bring a broad range of life and work experiences in identifying and serving the needs of people with disabilities.

Ross Chilton, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ross Chilton is a Counselor with extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families. He brings expertise in organizational and individual health planning and has held a number of senior leadership positions. Ross is committed to ensuring that the CLS supports individuals to lead inclusive and full lives in their communities. As a parent of a child with a disability Ross is able to empathize effectively with families around the inevitable struggles they face. He values his ongoing connection with the individuals and families supported by the CLS.

Jeane Rogers, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jeane Rogers brings 25+ years of progressively complex professional experience in finance and systems to the CLS. She is responsible for the strategic development of the yearly Financial Plan which includes financial reporting and budgeting. She is also responsible for risk assessment and monitoring which is reported to the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis and yearly in the Risk Management Plan. Jeane oversees the day to day financial operations of the organization and ensures the Society is compliant with all regulatory bodies.

Gillian Rhodes, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Gillian Rhodes brings over 20 years in leadership, HR, change management; strategic visioning and operational management. She has worked across four continents, in the profit and non-profit sectors, and as Director of Employee Services and Operations, overseas day to day staffing and operational leadership. Prior to joining the Community Living Society, Gillian worked extensively within the Downtown Eastside community in Vancouver. This background has given her a hands-on understanding of the challenges faced and built a determined commitment to focus on person-centered and inclusive community approach.

Roxanne Wiseman,Director of Quality and Innovation

Roxanne Wiseman has been working supporting families with a variety of individualized needs for over 20 years. She has worked across Canada and as far away as South America with organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Trillium Childhood Cancer Foundation, YMCA, CUSO, and locally within the community living sector. Roxanne values all her work experiences, especially those that pertain to her role with the CLS. She has worked as frontline community support staff both residentially, in vocational day centers and communities, and as a manager of residential homes and vocational centers. These experiences have given Roxanne a great appreciation of the work involved in supporting people to live meaningful lives and have valuable experiences as full citizens in their community. Roxanne is a strong advocate for Person Centered Active Supports (PCAS) and is a CLS PCAS trainer. In her role as Director of Quality and Innovation, Roxanne is responsible for the continued successful accreditation of the CLS, and oversees and ensures excellent services are provided to all of the supported individuals.

Elke Tilgner, Director of Community Inclusion

Elke’s background is also in service provision and coordination. She brings many years of expertise, particularly in the area of vocational services. Elke is responsible for the ongoing review and development of our current vocational programmes. Over the past number of years, demand has increased for meaningful employment as an expression of full citizenship for people with disabilities. Elke has worked to promote community inclusion strategies that support innovative practices, such as small business ownership and community partnerships.

Brenda Henderson, Director of Residential Community Inclusion

Brenda began her career with CLS in 2007, and worked for several years as a support worker in both vocational and residential settings. While working in the field, she gained extensive experience in the Occupational Health and Safety program, and had an ongoing involvement in the After Hours Emergency Support team. Brenda has held a series of progressively more challenging leadership positions, and was appointed Director in early 2015. Her chosen focus on training and development of leadership staff allows her the opportunity to contribute to the continuing evolution of CLS’s philosophy, and to ensure that all levels of the organization are aligned to the mission and values of CLS.

Barb Robinson, Director of Residential Initiatives

Barb Robinson oversees residential planning, including an Aging in Place Initiative for those individuals currently supported by CLS, and a Residential Development Programee for individual we will support in the future. Working in partnerships with Directors of Community Inclusion, Barb helps to plan successful transitions for new individuals, and creative and innovative responses to the current and emerging residential needs of those we already serve. Barb’s background in grassroots service provision gives her a hands-on understanding of the need for a person-centered and flexible approach to residential placement and development.

Vicky Pascoe, Manager of Administration

Over the years, Vicky has gained depth and knowledge of company operations and administration. Vicky is responsible for all administrative processes at the Administration Centre including implementation, customization, training and management of various company-wide administration systems and communication/technology platforms, website management, liaising with the Board of Directors and all departments and vendors to ensure effective communications and relationships are maintained. Vicky is responsible for the supervision of the Administration Team.